Notify to Teams on Firebase events

Microsoft Teams

The setup in Microsoft Teams is rather simple.

Google Firebase

In Google Firebase we will utilize the “Cloud Functions” feature to send the notifications.

npm install --save axios
const axios = require(‘axios’);
exports.notifyNewUser = functions.auth.user().onCreate((user) => {};
const webHook = "";const curDate = new Date();
var card = {
"type": "message",
"attachments": [
"contentType": "application/",
"contentUrl": null,
"content": {
"type": "AdaptiveCard",
"body": [
"type": "TextBlock",
"size": "Medium",
"weight": "Bolder",
"text": "New User Created"
"type": "FactSet",
"facts": [
"title": "Create Date",
"value": curDate.toISOString()
"title": "UUID",
"value": user.uid
"$schema": "",
"version": "1.3"
};, card)
.catch(error => {
firebase deploy --only functions


Testing is very easy.



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Stefan Steinert

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